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At Payne & Black, LLC, we endeavor to provide innovative goal oriented legal services to South Carolina families. We accomplish this through an emphasis on customer service, highly trained professionals, a thorough understanding of our client’s resources and goals; and a commitment to achieving those goals. We represent people, not causes. Our focus is to assist our clients in identifying obtainable goals and achieving those goals. We are focused on becoming the Premier Source of legal planning for South Carolina Families, and we want you as our client.

We understand that life is not always fair. Bad things happen to good people; law suits, health problems, automobile accidents, bad business decisions, good business decisions that go bad, job loss, health insurance gets dropped, business disputes arise, you’re taken advantage of by a business associate, friend or family member, tax mistakes are made, and the list goes on. We can help! We will work hard to assure your assets are protected, and to help you recover assets taken unfairly.

We understand relationships, and family relationships are the most complicated. Tough times, whether the result of failing health, death or a downturn in your financial position, can push these relationships to the brink; but a game plan, and clear instructions can greatly reduce that risk. Proper legal advice and planning can be the difference between a family whose finances and relationships are damaged beyond repair; and a family who comes through hard times with their finances and relationships intact.

We understand dealing with the government can be almost impossible. Perhaps your spouse or parent is in a nursing home and you need Medicaid to help with the bill; perhaps you or a loved one has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and you need to know what benefits you can count on to help when you need it; perhaps your father or husband is a Veteran with dementia and you are not sure what VA Benefits might be available to help with the ever escalating cost of his care; perhaps you are a parent of a disabled child, and you need to know what services or benefits are available for that child now and in the future; or how to make sure your child will be properly cared for after you are no long here to help; perhaps you have applied for Medicaid or Veteran’s Benefits and have been turned down. We can help! Payne & Black, LLC is very familiar with the various Medicare, Medicaid, and VA Benefits programs available to senior citizens and those with disabilities. We know how to navigate the system to get the benefits you are entitled to. As one of South Carolina’s first Elder Law firms, we are passionate about defending the rights of Senior Citizens, Veterans, and those with Disabilities.

We understand the complexity of planning for the future. You feel the need to begin getting asset out of your name, but you are not sure how much you will need. Your son has always helped in the business, but how can you leave him the business and treat your other children fairly? Your daughter has helped you out more than any of your other children, how do you compensate her without offending your other children? You want to leave assets for your disabled child, but you don’t want him to lose his benefits. You love your son, but you don’t trust his wife. Your child is cannot manage money, is in the middle of a divorce, or about to file bankruptcy. You are not alone. Every family has these problems and more. At Payne & Black, LLC, we can show you innovative ways to address these concerns.

We believe in being pro-active, not reactive. We will work hard to identify and solve your and your family’s problems before they become unmanageable, and to keep you on the right track to achieve your goals. We will also work with your other advisors, your tax preparer, your stock broker, your banker, and your insurance agent to make sure your assets are structured to maximize your goals and to protect the assets you have worked so hard to obtain.

We believe in a multi-generational approach to planning. We understand that what happens to your spouse, your parents, your children and grandchildren affects you, your job, your finances, and your goals. We also understand how poor planning, and a failure to understand the resources available to you can magnify that impact many times. We can help you be prepared. We can advise you on the resources and benefits available to help you and your family, and how to best structure your assets and the assets of your family members to obtain those benefits and achieve your goals. In the end there is really only one reason to hire any law firm, and that is because they have answers to your questions. You have questions or you would not be here, and at Payne & Black, LLC, WE HAVE ANSWERS!!! And remember, planning your future is complex. EXPERIENCE IS IMPORTANT!!!

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